Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mid Summer pleasures

We're at the trailer for most of the summer. My position at Old First in Elizabeth (see:www. ended June 15th, and I've been "free as a bird" ever since. It was a great experience - probably the highlight of 50 years of ministry.

This year's projects at the camp, have been the building of a bottom step for easier exit from the trailer and restoration of two antique wheelbarrows. Before, we had to step down, immediately out of the door. Now we step out onto the same level, and have a railing. Built of 2x8 lumber, the steps are solid. We're adding solar led lights.

My next project was restoring an antique wheelbarrow saved from the church's dumpster. It was just what I wanted for a spot of color on our trailer lot. It had been stored in the church's basement for at least 100 years, maybe 200. The wood was dried out and it was basically falling apart. I reinforced it, replaced nails with screws, Gorilla glue on all seams, and then sealed the wood with Penetrol plus Bin 123 base and two coats of high gloss exterior enamel in bright red with yellow accents. Now I'm going to do the same with a second wheelbarrow, like mine, but in better shape, that the church will keep and use. I'm inclined to believe this was a "child's" wheelbarrow, because I also took the other wheelbarrow that the church decided to keep and use. It's much bigger - a "daddy" size, and showed heavy use, whereas ours was weathered, but not "beat up."

The weather has been cool and wet this summer, but now we're having a warm - mid 80's day with low humidity and lots of sun. In a few weeks we'll make a trip up to Dansville and Wayland to visit sons Ken and Chris and their families, visit Tom's family in South Bend, and make a stop in Pittsburgh to attend the national Gymanfa Ganu (see: on Labor Day weekend.

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