Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good news going into Christmas

I promised to keep everyone up to date on my progress after the concussion accident and loss of hearing. After two CAT scans and two audiology testings, my "ear doctor" has confirmed that there is little, if any "mechanical" (bone) damage to my ear. Whatever hearing loss I am experiencing is due to nerve damage. The good news is no surgery necessary. I've had my hearing aids re calibrated and we hope that there will be healing of the nerves over time. Although it seems certain that my hearing will not return to where it was before the accident, it is possible that it will improve from where it is, now. I'm grateful that I can manage fairly well with the use of my hearing aids.The only downside is that I need to wear at least one all the time, whereas before, I could get through most of the day without one. Outside of that I feel fine. I'm back at the "Y" trying to coax off a few pounds and having slow success!

We celebrated Tom's birthday today with a coupon from the "Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse". I have a lot of year-end paperwork to do, so I'm not even going to try to get out a Christmas Letter until after the holidays. We'll be at Ken's house in Dansville, NY to have our annual New Year's "Christmas" celebration with Chris and family, and maybe Anne Cain and Bob Moon from Detroit, if the roads are passable. For all who celebrate Christmas - we wish you a very merry holiday and a blessed New Year.

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Julie Decker-CTMH Independent Consultant said...

So glad you are recovering and will be praying for your hearing to return better than ever! Merry Christmas and Happy New year Uncle Chuck!