Friday, March 18, 2011

The first hints of Spring

We're at our beloved campground. The first warm days after winter. Bright sun. Fun to be outdoors. Daffodils are up, ready to bloom in a couple weeks. Tons of leaves piled up from the winter - tree branches down. Planting Astilbes. It's a Friday night. People starting to arrive for the weekend - eager for a break from the winter. The central hot tub will be a gathering spot for old friends to catch up on the news. The water, off for the winter, will be turned on next month. Snow birds will be returning, then. We spent the day enjoying the sun while cleaning out the flower beds.
But it's hard to write about such mundane things when Japan is in meltdown and the middle east is a cauldron of unrest. How to balance our mundane with their earth-shaking catastrophes? Yet life goes on.
Feel sort of schizophrenic - concentrating on today's busywork, while our world is in various states of collapse. Son, Stephen, on a ship assigned to protect the carrier, Ronald Reagan, is no doubt in the middle of the Japan situation. Hoping the nuclear radiation isn't affecting him.

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