Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Breaks of Summer

Breaking News! Tom slipped while walking Mac in June and broke his ankle. He's in the last stages of healing with an "air cast" (inner air bladder for comfort).

Last Sunday morning I was walking across my campground neighbor's site and didn't see or hear him start to back up. (It was early in the morning and I guess both of us were careless, assuming everyone else was asleep). Anyway, he backed into me, knocking me down. I'm very glad he heard me yell and stopped, or you would find my news in the obituaries. My carelessness earned me some very large bruises, a twisted back and a broken wrist. The wrist is healing well. I guess backs take longer.

But we're having fun in spite of it. The camp is a constant source of joy. I'm nearing the end of my deck building project - this summer's main goal. It's going to be a combination outdoor kitchen and dining space and a place to relax under the awning. I used the (previously-mentioned) wood to build two compost bins for future flower beds, and for the deck. We found a long Formica (faux granite) counter marked down at Home Depot. That has been cut up for counter space and a drop-down eating table. A neighbor has offered an under-counter fridge. I'll post pics when it's done.

Tomatoes haven't done well at the camp until this summer. I decided to try an "earth box" and locate it on the south side of the trailer, so it gets "double sun" reflected off the trailer. Our hot summer, good growing soil and neighbors who have kept them watered - is now yielding a bumper crop. There is no substitute for home grown tomatoes, and it has been years since we were indulged with this delicacy.

A smaller break came with an old front tooth that quit. Son Ken has made a bridge for me, and we'll travel to Dansville tomorrow to have that fitted. ( Then back to the trailer to, hopefully, finish and paint our new outdoor deck/kitchen.

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