Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Great Day at the Camp

Our campground is like a family. One fellow asked about my wrist. Said he was in California when he heard about it!

Today's big event was the annual "boat race" in the pool. Teams of two are given a pile of cardboard and duct tape in the morning, with instructions to build their boat using no other materials. Six brave souls built ingenious designs. One team of two heavy men sank as soon as they boarded! One team of lightweight women won with a very nice ship and lots of frantic paddling. Crowds cheered for their favorites. It was a fun time. Then there were air mattress races, one for men, and one for women.

After the pool games we had a big bonfire and cooked hotdogs to go with the pot luck supper. A DJ finished the evening.

I got 1/3 of the deck primed. Tomorrow I plan to finish the first coat of prime, then use wood filler where needed, caulk, sand, and prime again. Then it will be ready for two finish coats, and installation of my counters and drop-down table. Don't know if I will get it all done this week, but surely before snow flies.

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